Founded in 2016, we are an all-media service and optimization solution provider, which specializes in the planning, development, and optimization of search engines, new media platforms, and the optimization of marketing systems. We provide precision network marketing in the era of big data for customers.

Our services cover several popular industries such as finance, automobile, beauty, maternal and child, fast fashion and the Internet. We have achieved a cumulative sales volume of nearly RMB 6 billion yuan in China for foreign companies.

The Founding Team
Service Team
Gao Jun
Co-founder & CEO
As a serial entrepreneur, he founded Aijia Market, a well-known smart TV application store in China, and acted as the CEO, before the establishment of MeiJieXia.com. With his leadership, his team got 10 million smart TV users. His clients include Haohuasuan.com, Hezhong Advertisement, DiDatuan.com, Google, etc.
Wang Xinyu
Founder & CSO
He had been CEO of adSage and president of 5173.com, a game service network in China. In 2011, under his leadership, the company, with 2650 employees, achieved a transaction volume of RMB 10 billion yuan and sales revenue of RMB 450 million yuan, and passed the assessment before it goes public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He successively worked in P&G and Google, and was in charge of marketing management. Besides, he got an IMBA degree at Peking University and a master degree in international finance at Fordham University in New York.
Wang Zhiwei
Co-founder & VP
As a serial entrepreneur, he had worked as the director of the sales department at Beifang Hulian, and was responsible for customer research, integrating sales plans, and team management. In 2012, he funded Qinye Network, whose major business covers Internet infrastructure construction, online marketing, integrated foreign trade marketing, software development, etc. He got over 3500 clients in 4 years.
Zhang Pengjie
Co-founder & VP
Before the funding of MeiJieXia.com, he served successively for large and medium-sized technology companies such as Hitachi (Information & Telecommunication Engineering), DiDatuan.com, ZTE, Google, etc., and was mainly responsible for platform development, big data processing, server framework, product analysis and other R&D management tasks. He was certified as an APTECH software expert in India and went to Japan to take part in collaborative development. He has more than 10 years of experience in system R&D and management.
Zoe Wang
Country Manager
Having worked in the marketing industry both in China and New Zealand for a number of years, Zoe has an excellent understanding of both markets. Before joining MeiJieXia, Zoe had set-up her own company in New Zealand that connected NZ companies to opportunities in the Greater China market.
With 60% of our service team coming from large Internet companies such as Google, Baidu, Sina, ByteDance, etc., we are providing customized strategic services, which will enhance their Internet influence, for more than 500 brand companies and more than 5,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in more than 20 popular industries at home and abroad.