Antipodes is a well-known natural skin care brand in New Zealand. In June 2019, Antipodes entered Tmall and began to open the Chinese market. At present, its appearance on the domestic Internet is slightly insufficient. In order to increase brand exposure, we will give full play to our resource advantages on the major marketing platform of Weibo on Chinese Valentine’s Day, improve brand exposure and interactions with users, and enhance the brand image.


Relying on the social attributes of Weibo and taking advantage of festivals, we make hot topics of relevant brands.

[Topic Strategy]

Focusing on the major themes on the Internet, we make hot topic on the Internet on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Bloggers tweet with the topic, hyping the brand topic, gaining public praise, and bringing the topic to the top of the list.

[KOL Strategy]

With the help of KOL’s professionalism and influence, we expose the brand and guide people’s opinions in different ways. Making full use of the fan economy, we enrich the Weibo topic pages, adding values to the brand and increasing its exposure.

[Super Fan Strategy]

With the information flow tool that can accurately target relevant people, we release event information through official Weibo. With targeted audience, we get fans from the inside out efficiently, improve brand favorability, and transfer the flow into economic benefits.


Relying on the social attributes of Weibo, taking advantage of festival operations to create events

Topic Strategy- interception of the topic flow on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Bloggers produced the topic #If love has a time limit, it should be eternal.# It made an emotional connection between the brand and the Festival, and a large number of netizens actively participated in the discussion.

KOL Strategy-KOL interaction, improving brand appearance and sales

We chose KOLs @Janice简妮@我的买买日记@时尚师小敏@硬核糖力 with high cost performance and high overall score to help in this brand promotion. We enriched the Weibo topic page more three-dimensionally through lucky draws, open-the-box evaluation, personal experience, and high-quality pictures and texts.

Super Fan Strategy-Ripple-burst capture of the attention of the core people

The official Weibo account (@安媞珀官微账号) published the lucky draw activity, in which all following users can participate.

Countdown poster for new product launches-pain point marketing and visual guidance

Harman-China’s official Weibo account released a new product countdown poster to continue to promote for the new products. The vertical technology KOLs successively forwarded and promoted them.

Accurate reach of the new products-continuous to guide people’s opinions and promote the transformation of the flow into economic benefits

During the launch of the new products, Weibo Super Fan project was accurately placed in six first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, reaching all kinds of interest groups


Brand appearance improved on social platforms

#If love has a time limit, it should be eternal.#

Topic reading volume reached 5.792Million, discussion volume reached 3000+

Fans on the Official Wechat increased by 500+, Super FanExposure reached 1.52Million+

Professional words such as “natural”, “antioxidant”, and “hydration” dominated the word cloud.

It proved the fact that a brand can be promoted on social platforms such as Weibo.

We successfully created a professional and high-end beauty product image in the minds of users.

In the interaction, positive comments accounted for the majority.

It proved that this promotion stimulated users’ enthusiasm for discussion.

In the improving of brand reputation, Tmall played an important role in guiding people’s opinions.

#If love has a time limit, it should be eternal.#